‘Across time and space…
the invisible thread may tangle or stretch
…but would never break.’

Redthread International is a part of an art and charity (eduthread.org) project. Through arts and culture, we promote a philosophy of Art of Living, enriching the mind, body, and soul through a variety of community engagement activities, events, and initiatives. 



Arts • Culture • Philanthropy


Our mission is to inspire through exceptional contemporary arts. 


Response to the aesthetics is a commonality we all share, and through what's common between us, Redthread Int’l makes connections not only between art and art lovers, but also important connections we have with our bodies, health, our environment, and all life on this planet. We support organizations and individuals providing solutions at various levels through a platform for collaborations, for a better, healthier, more artful life. 



‘To touch the soul with tender strokes of art.’ 
- Alexander Pope

We offer a variety of exceptional art pieces as originals or reproductions, suitable for individual art lovers and institutional clients.
We also work with a number of world class musicians in world music for concerts, festivals, and private events.  
Our team members will go out of their way to meet your unique artistic and cultural needs, while keeping your budget under control.
Take a closer look at what we provide, and let us know if there’s anything else we can do for you.

Landscape of the unspoken 041 113-195cm-






​Contemporary • Exceptional

We work with a number of exceptional contemporary artists who are skillful, passionate, insightful, and authentic.  Our artists can be available for collectors tours, open studios, live draw events, as well as commissioned work.  
If you want to learn more about our artists and ways in which we can collaborate, please contact us today.

World Music

Liron Man is a composer, handpan and flamenco guitar player with an affinity to world music.  He has performed in nearly 30 countries and collaborated with artists such as Sandy Lam, Jorge Pardo and more.  Diversity in cultures and traditions continues to inspire him and his unique melodic style of music.  Liron has been recognized for his skills in performing at high speed and gained his nickname “Ghost Hands”.

Community • Life Style

Join us for a series of offline events based in Beijing, China.  Experience the self-healing and transformational benefits of TaoYoga, learn about the sustainable and minimalistic lifestyle or longevity diet as food therapy, begin or grow your art collection with us; come to our monthly salons and forums to learn about industry trends and best practices... Become a part of our community of movers and shakers, and help those in need with your involvement.

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